Why Buy Twitter Followers2014.03.10. // Leadership

twitter top users ulearn13Social media has brought great changes in the way people connect with each other. Social networks have many following because they are free and easy to use. With just a single click, it is easy to connect with a lot of people. Businesses have not been left aside in the use of social networks to gain more customers and market their brands. One of the fastest growing social networks is the Twitter. This is an app that allows photo sharing and has been used since 2010. One of the best ways to gain more benefits from this social network is to buy Twitter followers. Here are some of the benefits of buying Twitter followers.

Boost your exposure

The home page of this social networks shows the most viewed images and the page get viewed by thousand of people daily. The photos selected attract more attention and help in directing the traffic to the profile of the original poster. One of the ways used to choose photos for the newsfeed is the number of followers that the poster profile has. This means that if you buy Twitter followers from TwitterWind.com, your image is likely to appear in the home page, thus gaining more views and exposure.

Get genuine followers

When you decide to purchaser Twitter followers, it is important to look for sites that sell genuine Twitter followers. Avoid the ones that are automatically generated and do not add any value to you. They need to be real people who have the potential to become your business customers in the future. This means you can also request them to follow your business on other social networks too. The genuine followers you get will buy and share your products with others, thus helping your business get more sales.

They are cheap

Purchasing Twitter followers is a cheaper option compared to advertising. By buying a mass of followers, your profile will get a boost and become popular in a way that it will attract other followers will less efforts on your side. Choose a site that offer legit and safe Twitter followers and by spending less, you will attain more viewers for your profile. All you need to do is to ensure that your profile is complete and has a lot of attractive photographs that will help you increase your number of followers.

Therefore, by just spending little money to buy Twitter followers, you increase the chances of attaining your business marketing goals.

Number of Reasons Why You’ll Want to Buy Twitter Followers2014.02.02. // Leadership, New Media

http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevegarfield/4247757731/sizes/s/in/photostream/There are any number of reasons why you have a Twitter account. The question is: what are you doing on Twitter?

If you are using Twitter for personal use, then you can post anything without worrying about your followers, if you have any. However, if you are using Twitter as a marketing tool, you need to have followers – a lot of followers.

Grow Fast, Then Grow Organically

The best way to have followers is to grow your base organically. This method takes time and a lot of work. But if you are in a hurry, then you need to buy Twitter followers. The logic for buying Twitter followers is simple: people follow accounts with a large number of followers.

Even if the best followers are organic followers, you still need to start somewhere. When you buy Twitter followers from TwitterWind.com, you are seeding your account for organic growth. After a baseline number of followers, you can work on keeping them interested. That is a totally different matter. But keep in mind that when your followers are interested, they will interact with you. They will start a conversation. It is easy to market to an interested base and convert them to real live customers.

Like Buying Time

Growing followers organically, against jumpstarting your follower numbers by buying them is a compromise. Think of it as buying time. Because you are literally buying time when you buy followers. The math is hard to compute, but easy to understand.

It starts with the premise that nobody can predict how many followers an account will have after the first three months, or after the first year. With organic growth, it is hard to predict how much time is needed to reach a hundred or a thousand followers. When you buy followers, you know immediately how much and fast you can get to a hundred or a thousand followers. The next hundred or next thousand followers are expected to come at a much faster rate. This would be from organic growth and it is almost assured that you would reach two hundred (or two thousand) followers faster, compared to getting to one hundred (or one thousand) followers with purely organic methods.

Tweets and Interactions

There is always the question about quality followers. You want real people who buy products and services to follow you. After you reach two thousand followers, it will be hard to check if these are real people. The only thing you can do is to make sure that followers are involved and interested. These should be live accounts, preferably with more followers than accounts being followed. They should be involved by interacting with you. They should also be regularly posting tweets.

On your part, you should keep them interested. Post regular tweets, ask your followers questions. Post mentions on your tweets. Send them direct messages. Retweet from your most active followers. This shows potential followers that you care about them, and that you are a real person.

Getting your followers involved by interacting with them is a sure way to get more real live followers.

Tips To Maximize On Your Business’ PPC Campaign2013.11.08. // New Media

Google Ads Are Not Very TargetedBusinesses are expected to turn more into a PPC campaign because of Google’s decision to not reveal search term data. Big G claims that its conclusion is meant to water down black hat marketing. Whatever the case is, there’s no doubt that this recent move by the search giant is putting pressure to their advertisers to place their bets on pay-per-click based advertisements.

Keywords – keyword selection is perhaps the single most important factor in determining the success of a PPC campaign. Thankfully, Google is proactive enough that they’ve developed a new free tool that can be utilized by advertisers and marketers to identify the best keywords they should put their money on. With the aid of Google’s Keyword Planner, it’s now easier to track down keywords that a company’s customers are more likely using. A typical PPC campaign would require a business to track hundreds and even thousands of keywords. That said, it’s easy to get lost without a tool to help.

Understanding Customers’ Search Habits – most companies hire an external firm to do the required research to find out how exactly does their target audience search online. You’ll need first to find this out and then you’ll be earning the right investments in your PPC campaign. Sure you may initially have to pay for research, but it’s proven that not doing so actually would make you end up paying more for your PPC campaign.

Landing Pages – is supposed to be the first page that you’ll have influence in that your audience will experience. Hence, it should be a very positive experience. Poor landing page design hurts your conversion rate more than anything does. Any good marketer should know that one should never stop tweaking it. Even at launch, your landing page should already have gone through multiple variations just to try and optimize the page you’ll end up with.

Mobile – very rarely do advertisers add extension that works for mobile devices. That will soon change since revenue from the internet is now coming from mobile browsers. You should start learning and considering geo tagging, call, and app extensions to maximize your ads with mobile users whom make up majority of web surfers nowadays.

Promotion – learning how to buy Twitter followers is part of ad optimization, which increases your chances to gain ROI quicker.

Tracking – this is usually what separates successful campaigns from the ones that fails. Knowing how to cut through the many different analytics that your ad campaign could generate and reverse them into actionable plans to improve results, is crucial for ROI.

What Not to Do When Using Twitter for Business2013.11.04. // Business, New Media, Social Media

Even if there are no written set rules concerning how to use Twitter, there are some ‘good practices’ especially when employing Twitter for business. Very many small business establishments get it wrong on this. Wondering what not to do when using Twitter for business? The following paragraphs describe some effective tips.

Don’t use auto follow back

Auto-follow back is not good for you. For instance, if your business is in the pornographic industry, you would not want to follow Twitter accounts of sex-shops publicly. You should know that the people you follow and those who follow you can be seen by anyone. This is also true for political or religious followers. Know it’s your brand and you may not desire its affiliation with anything and everything. Therefore, you must be selective on following back; this means you must never set automatic follow back on a business account. It is much better to learn how to buy Twitter followers or to work to get them organically.

Don’t leave your picture and biography blank

A lot of people never even look at accounts with blank bio and default egg image of Twitter. Exhaust the 160 features of the bio; show what you do and who you are, and insert relevant keywords. You should use your professional photo and not photos of your preferred meal, dog, your children at the beach etc. It’s worthwhile to use your photo since people are likely to interact with individuals than brands. Note that the key of ‘Social Media’ is being ‘Social’. It’s also vital to use bright colored pictures as they attract the attention of your potential followers and also aids in creating brand awareness on Twitter.

Don’t use upper case letters

This is a valid and basic rule on the internet. Upper case letters should be avoided at all costs. This is also critical in your biography.

Don’t send private messages

Some people believe welcome messages are compulsory while others think otherwise. The notion is marvelous; it’s in the social domain and it may be seen as a good attention. The problem is, however, in between; almost everyone generates automated private messages and so these flood the Inbox. Whether manual or automated, don’t use them. If you intend to welcome new members, then a public welcome tweet would be an ideal alternative.

Don’t use validation services or TrueTwit

When you filter followers of your account, it’s different. But the use of validation services like TrueTwit is not a great idea for your professional or business account because you will lose followers. Many people will avoid the validation request and will unfollow you.

Don’t make the tweets private

Many small businesses go through a lot to create Twitter accounts, send the tweets, insert specific keywords, follow all the stipulated recommendations….. and those are private. If you are involved in this, then it’s clear that you don’t know what Twitter can help you accomplish in your business and so, you lack a productive and conspicuous Twitter strategy. You can do everything you want with your personal account but you should never ever make the business account private.

If you avoid the aforementioned practices, you will be able to successfully market and draw potential customers to your business.